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Nyhet ! Hybrid Pad

22 000 kr

Detta är Hrimnirs nyaste sadel lanserades sommar 2023.

Details of Hrímnir Hybrid Riding Pad

You can pre-order this saddle now by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

Basic features:

  • Double flap
  • Treeless riding pad
  • Hrímnir logo on both sides
  • Supportive seat and knee blocks

Individual features:

  • Key feature: increased weight distribution through hybrid panels:
    • Latex filling
    • Patented function: Weight distribution sheets inside the panels provide a better weight distribution of the rider's weight and therefore even more comfort for the horse.
    • Conventional riding pads generally do not distribute the rider's weight across the horse's back.
  • Excellent connection and close contact between horse and rider.
  • Conforms to the horse's back, accommodating various body shapes and movements.
  • Enhanced comfort for both horse and the rider, promoting better communication and balance. 
  • Treeless riding pads can be used on a variety of horses, making them a versatile choice for riders who work with multiple horses or horses with different body shapes.
  • Entirely made of the best quality leather available on the market, as well as high- tech materials.
  • Available in the sizes 16,5 – 17,0 – 17,5 – 18,0