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Hrimnir Heritage

45 000 kr

Detta är Hrimnirs nyaste sadel lanserades sommar 2022.

En riktigt bra sadel, med bekväma knästöd som passar de flesta.

 Details of Hrímnir Heritage

Basic features:


Individual features:

  • Deep seat
  • DuPont® Flex tree allows the least amount of interference for the horse’s body due to the short points which allow maximum scapular movement.
  • Hrímnir-Soft seat
    • extra layer of BayFlex® foam in the seat for superior comfort and safety
    • does not become compressed over time
    • specifically designed with minimal rigging under the leg to allow proper position
    • high comfort and good support for the rider
  • Patented AMS® synthetic wool panels
    • Very short/upswept panels to accommodate also short backed or croup high horses. Also ideal for use on multiple horses – our most universally fitting saddle. Patented AMS® synthetic wool panels are softer and kinder to the horse’s back, and combined with the wider channel, encourage the horse to lift and use its back more effectively, while providing the rider with a smoother, shock absorbing ride.
  • Double flap allows the rider to choose whether to have stirrup leathers placed over or under the flap
  • Front billet strap connects to the front of flap and straps the flap at front to the horse to create extra close contact
  • Knee rolls
    • anatomic knee rolls that support without constricting or forcing position
    • support the rider mainly at the area above the knee
    • offer good support and steadiness for the leg
    • placed on the outside of the flap
  • Wider gullet channel for optimum fit and weight distribution
  • Made of the best leather available on the market
  • Vegetable chrome tanned leather for best colour durability and superior softness
  • Distinctive look with viking pattern on the flap and metal plate at the cantle
  • Comes with a head gullet in size Wide